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Schoooool *wail*

YaY! New school year!!!!......*crickets* gawd I'm a geek V_V And if being happy that school is back isn't enough, then I shall tell you that my fav class is 16 century History. HISTORY!!! What is wrong with me!?!!? *le sigh* Aw well. Better to be a geek and smart than a partying moron XDD!!

ACK! Just heard the dubbed version of Naruto. I HAVE NEVER HEARD SUCH A WORSE PILE OF CRAP IN MY LIFE!!! One Piece was pretty bad but this is worse!! They've killed Naruto dead with their evil dubbing swords of dooom!!!!!!! *kills dubbers*

*takes deep breath* Kay I'm good ^__^'

So anywho, school has started once again!! For some stupid reason, our lockers have been given out alphabetically throughout the WHOLE school!! WTFOMGBBQ!!?! Where's the sense in that!? My homeroom and the rest of my classes are on the second floor while my locker is on the first T___T man what a hike XDD And my English teacher is such a flake O.o!

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