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dark side has cookies

Okay, so I've recently been in Harry-Potter-rabid-fangirl-mode for some reason ^_^ All I'm ever reading now is either HPXDM or RLXSB and the same goes for fanart too! O_O! Its like I'm stuck in some sort of HP demension!!! *throws confetti* WooT!!!

Anyways moving on, summer is finally here!! (thank gawd) so happy ^__^' Cept this Monday I have to start summer school....V__V its like the dark side except without is so evil sometimes...*sigh*

I've been on a DDR fix too XDD nothing but pretty red arrows and flashing lights lately. *___*! Me and some friends went to the movies on Saturday and since they had a DDR machine there.....well I mean its like having a big neon sign that says DDR HERE!! COME PLAY MEEE!!! XDD We played for a good hour and a half, watched the movie (Star Wars by the way. I fell asleep half way through *Sweatdrp*) and then we went back out and played for another hour and a bit XD!! When I got home I was so sick T__T! Playing DDR on practically an empty stomach with nothing but popcorn was a very wrong move. Therefore I'm making a new DDR commandment:

Thou shalt not play DDR on an empty stomach with no water.

If you don't follow that commandment well then, God's speed moron XDD!

Ja! *waves*
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